Limited Edition Bombay Sapphire Keepsake Bag

Bombay Sapphire, together with Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle, the founders of House of Hackney, had the great idea to create a Limited Edition Keepsake Bag. The beautiful velvet bags are decorated with parrots, frogs, turban-wearing peacocks and tamarins, all reflecting the surreal but regal style of the House of Hackney. It is a playful and colorful design that reflects the provenance of Bombay Sapphire.

From late November 2011 the Keepsake Bags will be available at Selfridges, for £35 ($55) a piece. A cocktail created by David Waddington and Sam Carter, the Bombay Sapphire’s brand ambassador, will be on serve at the House of Hackney Gin Den at cult East-End eatery, Bistrotheque. You can taste this delicious drink during the time the limited edition is available.Limited Edition Bombay Sapphire Keepsake Bag

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