Limited Edition Anniversary Porsche 911 Club Coupe

For those who really love exclusivity, Porsche has got something new to offer. This is not for all Porsche fans out there, but only for the 181,000 members of the 640 official Porsche Clubs around the world. The first Porsche club was founded in Germany about four years after the company’s first car was built, and now there are hundreds of them, spread around 75 countries.

This year, the German automaker celebrates 60 years of Porsche Club existence, and it decided to mark this event with something really special. Thus the 911 Club Coupe was born. Only 13 units will be made, and only 12 of them will be sold to a few lucky club members, as the automaker intends to keep one example for itself. Priced at €142,831, VAT not included, the cars will be available in all countries, except for China and India.

Each unit will feature a subtle dark green color, a hue that was traditionally found on the cars of the Porsche family. The limited edition anniversary car is a modified 911 Carrera S, available with an impressive list of extra options. This includes an engine kit for extra power (430 hp), the SportDesign package, a special interior, and 20-inch SportTechno wheels.

The car will make its debut at the Porsche Museum for the “60 years of the Porsche Club” exhibition. Of all the invited club members, the lucky 12 who will take the awesome 911 Club Coupes home will be selected though a legally audited drawing. If you are a club member and you want one of these beauties in your garage, you need to register your intention of purchasing the car on Porsche’s official website.

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