Lily Beach Resort & Spa in the Maldives

The beautiful Lily Beach Resort & Spa in the Maldives is the birth place of the “affordable luxury” concept          , an oasis of wellness, comfort and high standards. It is also the first 5-star All-Inclusive Platinum Plan Resort in the area, making it that much more alluring for high-standard seekers.

The first excellent thing about this resort is its prime location, on a small tropical island and surrounded by shimmering turquoise waters.  An exotic reef waits to be admired only a few meters away from the shore, while the perfect sand beaches gradually blend into the lush vegetation of the island.

All this beauty is even better when you can enjoy it combined with irreproachable services and high-end facilities. The villas and public areas were built using only natural materials, beautifully blending local architecture with high-end contemporary design.

Relaxation is never a problem here, whether you choose to enjoy it on your private terrace, on the beach, in the water, or at the resort’s high-end Spa. Described as “a sanctuary for the inner self”, the facility flaunts natural materials, alluring exotic fragrances, and over-water pavilions with glass floors. What more could anyone ever ask for?

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