Legal Agreement Signed by Steve Jobs Is Worth $40,000

Since Steve Jobs-related items are so hard to come by at auctions, it makes sense that a document that was signed by the man himself would fetch an incredible price when it surfaced. Recently, an original 8-page document signed by Steve Jobs was put up for auction at RR Auction, and it was sold for the extraordinary price of $40,000.

Now that’s a lot of money to pay for some paperwork, but the price is justified by the document’s exclusivity and age. The item in question was purchased by the CEO of Tristar Productions, Jeff Rosenberg, and it was signed on August 17, 1978 by Steve Jobs and his friend Robert Friedland. The document represents an agreement between the two on a so-called “place of business” in McMinnville, Oregon, but nobody knows exactly if the business itself was successful or not.

What we do know is that Steve Jobs and Robert Friedland were both quite fond of Eastern spirituality and that they both eventually ended up quite successful in their respective fields. As for the document, it is now up to Jeff Rosenberg to keep it safe.