Leading a Luxury Lifestyle Need Not Be Costly

Helen Schifter has been expressing an idea that many don’t seem to agree with, due to societal preconceptions that really amount to misconceptions. Namely, that people can embrace a luxury lifestyle without having to hurt the bank as much as they might think. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, after all. And what one might consider a luxury item; another might think less of. There’s no doubt about the subjectivity surrounding luxury and its ideals.

Writers and observers like Helen Schifter have been keen to point out that luxury can have enormous sociological and social benefits for people. Especially during times that might seem rough, being able to provide some component or facet of luxury to one’s life can be a tremendous relief for some.

The definition of what is a luxury is somewhat a philosophical question, than anything else. For some, it might be purchasing a brand new luxury car. For others, it could be simply going out to eat or out for a drink. Whatever it is, it’s during especially anxiety ridden times that luxuries are viewed favorably; and such moments are especially cherished and valued.

So let us all view luxury not as something that should be limited to people in a certain tax bracket or social strata. But instead, let us examine luxury no differently than the ways one might view any other accessory that has social and sociological value to it . That extra pint of ice cream might make someone’s day. And to another, it might be a brand new home.

But in environments where concerns are constantly abound and justifiably so, spoiling oneself with different items that might be frowned down upon by some can help lift someone else’s spirits. Of course, some consider giving back a luxury as well. And during these perilous times, that can be of great value.

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