Lavish Rimondi Hotel in Crete, Grece

Crete is a superb island and an excellent destination for memorable summer vacations. Here, on this haven of tranquility in the Mediterranean Sea, the fascinating Greek civilization can be discovered and admired every single day. One of the may exquisite places to stay in here is the luxurious Rimondi hotel, a five-star boutique hotel that every guest falls hopelessly in love with.

Set in the medieval town of Rethymno, the retreat keeps something of the historical town’s charm, but adds to that some important elements of modern-day luxury and style. Rimondi is an all-suites complex that offers the very best in terms of comfort and services. There are 12 different suites to choose from, raging from Junior to Master.

Besides the lavish suites, the hotel also flaunts wonderful private gardens, a lovely lounging area, a luxe swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and extraordinary spa and culinary experiences. Everything about this hotel is meant to ensure a wonderful stay to each and every guest, making them feel pampered throughout their entire stay.

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