Lavish Marbella Beach Hotel in Corfu, Greece

There are few countries in Europe that can match the beauty of Greece, and even fewer hotels that can match the exquisiteness of the Marbella Beach Hotel. Boasting exquisite views of the Ionian Sea and mainland coast of Greece, this luxurious establishment is a perfect destination for a relaxing family vacation or a romantic escape.

The hotel was recently the focus of a massive refurbishing project, which resulted in the addition of several two-bed family suites and family rooms as well as a new decking area, a crèche and a seafood restaurant. Speaking of restaurants, there are seven of them at Marbella, each offering delicious dishes prepared with great care by master chefs. Whether you’re looking for locally sourced seafood served at candlelight by the sea or more private arrangements, you will definitely be able to satisfy your every culinary need and whim during your stay.

Easily accessible, the Marbella Beach Hotel can be found just 30 minutes away from the town centre and airport, which means that you and your loved ones could easily go out and explore the nearby cultural and historic attractions. Some fine examples include the gorgeous Corfu Old Town with is museums and galleries as well as the nearby Old Fort boasting breathtaking views of the island. Whatever your choice, as long as you check in at the Marbella Beach Hotel during your stay in Corfu, you will definitely enjoy every second spent there.