Lavish Gold-Plated iPhone Cases Cost $9,000

Ok, so the iPhone 6 costs about $580 depending on your location, and that’s already pretty steep for a mere smartphone. Still, some of the world’s richest individuals choose to decorate these gadgets with expensive metals and precious stones that end up considerably multiplying their worth. Take these gold-plated Formartii iPhone cases for example, which can cost up to $9,700.

The cases are plated in 24k gold and boast beautiful CNC-machined patterns that allow them to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the world’s most popular smartphone. They also feature a specially designed latch that blends in nicely with the phone’s design and allows the user to fasten the case onto the phone by simply popping open a clasp and placing the gadget inside. Clients can also choose to decorate the cases using Swarovski crystals or precious gems. The cheapest Formartii iPhone case costs $2,270, which is still quite a lot.

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