Lavish Diamond-Encrusted Hermes Birkin Sold For Over $300K

Surely, few of you will be surprised to find out that the most expensive handbag ever sold is a Hermes birkin. However, spending more than $300,000 for a fashion accessory would be considered excessive even by some of the world’s richest individuals. The birkin in question is a matte white Diamond Himalaya Niloticus crocodile handbag adorned with 18k gold and diamond hardware, which was purchased by a private Asian collector for $300,168.

This made it the world’s priciest handbag ever sold at auction, and it’s a good chance that it will manage to retain its spot for a quite some time. Obviously, the materials used for the creation of this lavish accessory contributed to its overall price tag, not to mention the glistening diamonds and the exceptional gold hardware. We’re pretty sure that whoever ended up buying it most likely did it as an investment, as these products are known for holding their price over the years.

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