Laura Chavin Cigar Humidor

Laura Chavin Cigar Humidor (1)

A costly cigar’s place is in a classy humidor. This is what Laura Chavin Cigars thought when designing the new “Humid’or” series. The company, which is famous for producing high quality cigars, created a humidor that controls and adjusts the temperature for the optimum preservation of the product.

The company took the idea from the massive cedar wood shelves, which preserve the superior premium cigars in perfect conditions, using a selective temperature control system. The humidor has special sensors that measure and adjust the temperature and relative humidity.

The product is handmade in Germany and it can be custom made if the buyer has certain preferences.  It comes in two sizes: Humidor Grand for 500 cigars and Humidor Petite for 280 cigars. The price for such an asset starts from $25,500.

The company has also come up with the idea of creating a pocket humidor, which is an elegant and stylish cigar case. They are handmade and are available in several finishes: bison, calf skin, shark leather and crocodile leather.

Laura Chavin Cigar Humidor (1)


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