Last Marilyn Monroe Signed Check to Go Under the Hammer Soon

The subject of Marilyn Monroe’s tragic demise was always clouded by mystery and accompanied by controversy. While the actual cause of her death is clear – barbiturate overdose – the circumstances in which this happened are still unknown today. Even though officially classified as a ‘probable suicide’, the possibility of homicide and accidental overdose haven’t been ruled out either.

Today we bring to you a piece of evidence that seems to indicate that the iconic Hollywood star did not intend to leave this world at such an early age. We’re talking about a very special piece of memorabilia, signed by Monroe the day before she died. It is a $228.80 check, the last known to have been signed by her. This is also very probably the last signature she ever gave.

So what did America’s most famous sex symbol buy on August 4, 1962, the day before her demise? A white chest of drawers from Pilgrim’s Furniture. Though this may not say too much to the average person, an expert such as Dr. S David Bernstein, who is a Forensic Psychologist trained at Harvard and the founder of Forensic Consultant, LLC, can read quite a lot from this small piece of paper.

According to him, people who intend to commit suicide usually don’t buy practical things like Monroe’s last purchase. Moreover, really depressed people actually tend to spend lots of money on all sorts of items that can make them feel better at least for a while. This relatively cheap purchase does not indicate that the superstar was in a suicidal frame of mind. “If I were doing a psychological autopsy, Dr. Bernstein said, this would be intriguing. This would be more consistent with someone who’s not suicidal.”

Half a decade after Monroe’s mysterious death, people still love her and find great inspiration in her glamorous life. And as the 50th anniversary of the tragic event is approaching (August 5), all Marilyn Monroe memorabilia are sought after with much interest and passion. Apparently, some items, such as personally worn clothes of the artist, or signed photos of her, have sold at considerably higher prices – up to 200% higher than before – during the last few years.

One such item is definitely going to be this check. It will be part of an important collection of Marilyn Monroe items, that will be sold at Heritage Auction’s Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Event, on July 24. It is estimated to fetch at least $10,000, but there is no telling just how much the artist’s dedicated fans will be willing to pay for such a special lot.




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