Las Ventanas al Paraiso Luxury Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico

Las Ventanas al Paraiso is a superb resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, ideal for both adventure seekers and in love couples. Only 20 minutes away from the San Hose del Cabos airport, it is a paradisiacal spot of tranquility and beauty. Actually, the name “Las Ventanas al Paraiso” means “Windows to Paradise”, which is a perfect name for the resort.

Luxe amenities and excellent services make every guest here feel pampered like royalty. The 960-square-foot villas are a pleasure to live in, and baskets of fresh fruit are brought in every morning, to give guests a healthy start every day during their stay. The luxury extends to every room of the villas, including the bathrooms, where limestone and marble finishes accentuate the high-end character of the resort. The views are wonderful, and guests can sometimes even spot dolphins or whales playing in the shimmering waters of the Sea of Cortez (every room has its own telescope for that).

Activities at Las Ventanas al Paraiso are various: one can enjoy a good game of golf or tennis, sunbathe next to the lovely outdoor swimming pool, or be amazed at the joyful manner in which dolphins swim and play with each other. Guests are also invited to enjoy perfectly relaxing moments at the resort’s spa, where professional treatments and massages will make them forget about all their worries.

The natural setting of the resort is also irresistibly beautiful, with fine sands, luxuriant vegetation, and lovely turquoise waters. A true paradise in all respects, and yet a night here can start at only $528.

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