Largest Inflatable Waterslide for Superyachts Unveiled!

Remember the inflatable Climbing Wall for superyachts? It was designed and developed by Green Yachts and it promised a huge amount of extra fun and excitement for any yacht owner and their guests. But then along came Super Yacht Tenders & Toys with their even more dramatic creation – the world’s largest inflatable superyacht water slide!

The S-shaped slide is 41 feet long and can only be fitted on really large vessels, which means that you must own an impressive yacht if you want to enjoy this toy. Perfectly suitable and safe for children and adults alike, the slide weighs a massive 1,850 kg (4,080 lbs). The onlydownside is that you will have to wait 45 days for it to be fully installed on your vessel, so make sure you plan ahead for your next yacht party. Oh, and one more thing: you will need$35,000 for it, but we guess that’s not an issue for a superyacht owner.