Largest Artificial Island for Sale at $9.5 Million

Looking for a new extravagant thing to buy? Well, we suggest you complete you luxury items collection with the largest artificial island that is not connected to the mainland. Created in 1890 for Danish King Christian IX, the property has been privately owned for the last nine years and is now ready to find a new rich buyer who is willing to pay €6,800,000 (approx. $9,500,000) for it.

The island has a hotel and conference facility with a restaurant, a bar and billiard lounge, a nightclub and 24 rooms with a  total of 88 beds. Located some 15 minutes away from Copenhagen and Malmö (a Swedish city) the island can be reached by boat or helicopter. It offers 180,000 square feet of land and has over two and a half miles of hallways and a total of 200 rooms in all its buildings.

Largest Artificial Island for Sale at $9.5 Million


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