Land Rover Defender Luxury Experience from Vilner

The tough Land Rover Defender is not exactly a symbol of luxury, but with a little help from Bulgarian custom studio Vilner, two of these rugged off-roaders have become beautiful, luxe rides for the rich. Their owner is a Russian oligarch who has a passion for hunting and who will use the upgraded Defenders for hunting expeditions together with his friends.

Vilner was happy to accept the challenge of transforming the vehicles and called the project “The Twins”. The tuners started with a new solid insulation meant to reduce noise and vibrations. Then they dressed the doors in leather and added some Nappa accents on the new center console for a more luxurious look.

For a little entertainment, Vilner introduced a 600W navigation audio system and a 15-inch screen in the ceiling with a DVD player for the back passengers. The interior makeup also included nice ambient lighting and brown illuminated mileage meters. As a final touch, the tuners installed new lenses and xenons in the vehicles’ headlights for better nighttime fishing or hunting experiences.

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