Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Limited Production Run

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Limited Production Run 25

We mentioned the amazing Sesto Elemento in our list of best luxury cars of 2010 , and now it’s time for the supercar to get some special attention in an article entirely dedicated to it.

Somewhere in Germany, an exotic car dealership has listed the four-wheeled beast for sale with a price tag of about €2 million. Auto Salon Singen sais that Lamborghini will produce 10 units, but we don’t know if all of them will go to this dealer or if other extreme car sellers will also have the opportunity to give them to the public.

If you are willing to spend over $2.5 million on the car, than you probably already know that this is not a street-legal ride. With an extremely powerful V10 engine delivering 570 hp, the Sesto Elemento needs only 2.5 seconds to reach the 60 mph threshold and has a top speed of over 186 mph. This performance was made possible by using very light materials and thus achieving a power-to-weight ratio of only 1.75 kilograms/horsepower.

Thanks to an extensive use of CFRP (Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer) the car has a curb weight of only 2,202 lbs. The front frame, the crash boxes and the exterior panels are all made of CFRP. Carbon fiber was also used for the rims and the major suspension components, while the tailpipes are manufactured from Pyrosic (glass-ceramic matrix composite). Of course, there is a lot of carbon fiber inside the car as well. All in all, this is another mind-blowing Lamborghini that’s worth every last cent.

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