Lamborghini Has Unveiled the Outstanding Urus Luxury SUV

The last decade has brought to us some really amazing SUVs, created by luxury automakers that had never before explored the fascinating world of big cars. Ten years after Porsche unveiled the Cayenne, Lamborghini has finally decided to break with tradition and create a super-sized luxury vehicle of their own, and they called it the Urus. The official unveiling of the bold project took place at the Beijing Auto Show.

A new project like this one was indeed risky for the automaker, because creating  a completely new model line is not something that Lamborghini does every day. Nobody could know for sure how people would react to this idea. The company’s CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, commented on this by saying “If you’re going to enter a new segment, you have to remain true to your core values. Our core values are uncompromising, extreme and Italian”.

Apparently, this simple recipe for success is exactly what the automaker needed, because the new SUV was welcomed with lots of positive reactions. Besides its easily recognizable Lamborghini look, the car also has some other very appealing qualities: it is intended to be the world’s most powerful, yet also least polluting luxury SUV.

Since the Urus is only set to be launched sometime in 2015, powertrain details are still scarce, but rumor has it Lamborghini may use a new supercharged or bi-turbo V8 engine from the VW Group. The pictures below will give you a taste of the Urus’ awesomeness.

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