Lady Killer Vol.1 Diamond Ring from Atelier Ted Noten

A special ring must be kept in a special box. For this simple reason, the creators of this unique 22-carat yellow gold ring, adorned with a 0.50-carat brilliant cut clear diamond and a 0.03-carat black diamond (2 mm) decided to sell the precious jewel together with a very unique jewelry box, featuring a robotic arm. The box is made of nylon, acrylic and stainless steel and has a button which activates the arm that pops up to not-so-romantically hand you the ring.

Behind this special project is Atelier Ted Noten, who decided to limit the production of the Lady Killer Vol.1 to only 18 examples.  The ring and its box can be yours for £37,000 (approximately $66,000 with VAT). Oh, and did we mention that the ring features a gun-shaped miniature sculpture?Lady Killer Vol.1 Diamond Ring from Atelier Ted Noten (4)


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