L’Esprit de June Liqueur – Taste the Spring

Don’t be misled  by the perfume-like shape of the bottle;  the L’Esprit de June is an exotic vine flower liqueur. Extracted from grape blossoms, the liqueur contains three different grape varietals and a grape spirit base.

In order to obtain the desired result, only the best wine-making methods were used: the French ones, of course. The aim was to capture spring in a bottle and for this purpose the most aromatic flowers have been used in the recipe: Ugni-blanc,  Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and others. They each bring their own unique flavor to the mix: pear an peach, wild strawberry an cherry, strawberry, raspberry and violet.

Also known as , the beverage can be found in most U.S. markets for around $30. We say everyone should get at list one sip of L’Esprit de June and try to feel the taste of spring on their lips.L’Esprit de June Liqueur – Taste the Spring

Source : http://www.juneliqueur.com/

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