Kylie Minogue Buys a £16M Flat in One Hyde Park

When the Candy brothers unveiled the One Hyde Park project, a lot of skepticism and criticism was heard. The residential development held the most expensive apartments in the world, and people believed they were simply too much to find any buyers. However, the wealthy have proven again that when it comes to personal comfort and luxury, they won’t spare a cent.

Kylie Minogue is one of the aforementioned rich people who found that a few million pounds for a deluxe flat with private valets, butlers and room service from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel nearby is not to big a price to pay. So she decided to shell out £16 million (approx. $26,140,000) on an apartment of her own in the luxurious development. And her neighbors? Well, we don’t know about their “good neighbor” manners, but we do know that they are all famous celebrities, wealthy oil magnates and rich foreigners from the Middle East.

Kylie Minogue

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