Kate Middleton to Christen the Royal Princess Cruise Ship

What a better person to christen the new Royal Princess cruise ship from Princess Cruises than Her Royal Highness theDuchess of Cambridge? Yes, on June13, the beautiful wife of Prince William will play a crucial role in the week-long celebration that will take place in Southampton. A series of spectacular British ship inauguration traditions will enchant everybody present, but the highlight of the event will be the actual christening of the vessel.

CEO and President of the Princess line, Alan Buckelew, said that the company feels very privileged to have the young Duchess as official Godmother of the new ship. The new generation vessel can transport up to 3,600 passengers in excellent conditions and surrounded by all kinds of conveniences and entertainment options.

Among the various onboard amenities there is a huge atrium working as the ship’s social hub, balconies for all outside staterooms, a walkway o the top deck flaunting a glass bottom that extends 28 feet over the edge of the vessel, the Princess Live! television studio, a special Chef’s Table Lumiere, world’s largest pastry shop at sea, and luxe private poolside cabanas.

The inaugural celebrations will conclude with the Princess being sent off to her maiden voyage (June 16). After that she will explore the Mediterranean during summers and the Caribbean during colder seasons.

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