Justin Bieber Pays $750 for a Haircut

Spoilt brat or a respectable artist? You must be at least one of the two to afford a $750 haircut. And that’s about twice a month. Justin Bieber’s personal hair stylist, Vanessa Price, has been cutting his hair since 2009 and she sais she usually cuts it every two weeks or so when the young star is on tour.

Both Justin and her are very surprised at how much people care about his hair, but how can you not find it interesting when people pay more than half a grand on a haircut that they could get for about $15 in a normal salon. Ok, let’s say you don’t want to go to a ‘normal salon’; let’s say you prefer a professional one. Even so, we don’t expect the price for a Bieber-style ‘do to be much higher than $100. But what do we know? We’re not all famous teenage singers!Justin Bieber Pays $750 for a Haircut

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