Jumeirah Launches Burj Al Arab’s First Social Media Video

Often referred to as the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab is part of the famous Jumeirah Group, an international luxury hotel and resort chain that’s a member of Dubai Holding. Jumeirah has recently launched the first social media video for their renowned “seven-star  hotel” in Dubai, and it has already had over 13,900 views until now.

The video is only 60 seconds long, but that’s enough to show some of the most alluring features of the hotel: the iconic Burj Al Arab architecture, its Assawan Spa & Health Club, the Club suite, the Skyview bar and the helipad. All these can be seen as a diver jumps into the shimmering water of the Arabian Gulf from the roof of the luxury hotel. The viewer follows the diver as he goes down every story and finally reaches the blue water. The message at the end is simple: “Leave the ordinary behind”.

burj al arab 

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