Joseph Jedlowski Shares Top Mistakes Every New Online Business Owner Should Avoid

Joseph Jedlowski Shares Top Mistakes Every New Online Business Owner Should Avoid

It can be challenging to navigate the world of online business. Technology is constantly changing, and so are popular systems and services. 

Online businesses are not very different from traditional businesses, for the most part. Traditional businesses need to have an online presence, or they will be ignoring a huge part of their audience. On the other hand, online businesses need to reach that audience because it is their only audience. 

Starting an online business is easier than ever nowadays, but being successful is not. There is a lot of competition and many mistakes that need to be avoided to succeed. 

We asked Joseph Jedlowski to explain some of these mistakes to share them with you. Joseph Jedlowski is a respected entrepreneur and business executive with experience as the CEO of multiple successful businesses. 

Not Defining an Audience

The first mistake that Jedlowski pointed out was how many businesses will try to advertise to everyone. It’s been proven time and time again that the best way to advertise is to define a target audience and market specifically to them. 

Once you have your market identified, you can adjust your tone and presentation to cater to them. It will also save you money by creating pinpoint marketing strategies instead of spending your budget advertising on sites and pages that your audience doesn’t visit. 

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Not Utilizing Modern Marketing Techniques 

Modern marketing techniques, like SEO and affiliate marketing, are crucial. However, they can be challenging to understand, so it is easy to ignore them and focus on more traditional methods. 

However, Jedlowski assures us that businesses that want to succeed must invest in these strategies. If you’re not using these methods, your competition is and will steal your audience out from under your nose. 

Poor Website (Slow / Not Mobile Friendly) 

Your website is the first thing your customers see about your business most of the time. You need to make an excellent first impression if you want to succeed, especially as an online business. If your website doesn’t work on mobile phones and tablets, then you’ll be turning those customers away. 

On the other hand, many businesses try to do too much on their site, and it becomes very slow and hard to run. Moreover, complicated websites will turn away desktop and mobile users and drive them into the arms of your competition. 

Ignoring Analytics and Numbers

Jedlowski points out how many businesses will not look at their specific analytics. He believes this is a crucial mistake as analytics can give you important insight into your customer base. 

It is easier than ever to add analytics to your website and implement them in your marketing strategies. Analytics are also getting more advanced every year, which will make it much harder to understand if you do not jump in ASAP and learn gradually as the technology evolves. 

Only Advertising on Social Media

Most customers do not follow businesses on social media just to see sales and products. Instead, they want to see interesting posts and participate in engaging conversations. 

To be successful as an online business, you need to use social media correctly. If you engage with your audience and show them that you are a part of the community, they will be encouraged to give you their business. You will feel like less of a business and more of a friend who happens to have products they love. 

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