John Crestani Shares 6 Things to Keep in Mind to Hack Your Growth in 2021

Affiliate Marketing Expert John Crestani Interview

Not many people can turn a sack letter into a success story but John Crestani is not just anybody. At just 32, John Crestani has created a success story that would surprise many.

After getting fired from his workplace, John Crestani left the corporate world for good. In its stead, he devoted his time and skill to affiliate marketing and it paid off. 

Within a couple of years, John Crestani successfully created an affiliate marketing network that was generated about $500,000 per month. In the few years that followed, this figure increased to over $1,000,000. 

Following his dramatic success, John Crestani became renowned globally for his online marketing prowess and even his story even got featured on Forbes. Recently, to impact his lessons on aspiring online marketers, John wrote a book titled “Work At Home Secrets.”

We were able to secure an interview with John Crestani and we leveraged that opportunity to ask him a couple of questions about his journey, his book, and some tips to facilitate growth in the coming year. 

Tell us more about your experience with online marketing.

I believe most people do not see the massive potential affiliate marketing possesses. In my experience, online marketing could be a much more suitable option for entrepreneurs. This is because affiliate marketing majorly deals with connecting people to products, without necessarily owning the products.

In my first couple of years in the online marketing space, I was able to earn over $100,000 as monthly income. Around the year 2013, this figure had increased to $500,000 and in the following years, I was already earning around a million dollars per month. 

How were you able to achieve such rapid growth?

One thing I will tell you us that the online marketing space is a very conducive environment for exponential growth. Since you are not bogged down by logistical problem and having to manage an inventory, the online marketing business is quite scalable.

Therefore, in order to achieve growth, I simply understood the intricacies of online marketing and leveraged these to my advantage.

You wrote a book recently, tell us about that

Work at Home – Secrets & Scams To Avoid” is a book designed to show regular people the path to financial freedom outside of corporate life. It is essentially a guide on how to make money quickly through online marketing without the constraints of having to go to an office or a strict working period.

What is your advice to people who want to experience growth in the coming year?

There are 6 things to keep in mind to hack your growth in 2021. First, be sure about what you want. If you are working a regular corporate job and you do not want that, you should rethink it.

Second, do not be afraid to take risks. No one achieves anything with zero risks, thus, you be able to take risks. Third, have a mentor to learn from. 

Furthermore, be deliberate about applying the knowledge you gain. Also, learn from your own mistakes. And finally, be consistent. 

Where do you see online marketing in 2021?

Although, 2020 was a difficult year for most industries including online marketing, I believe online marketing is set to recover and continue its growth.

Something about online marketing that stands out is the fact that is resilient and dynamic. Just take a look at how Airbnb, an affiliate marketing company, was able to achieve massive success in the middle of a pandemic. 

Thus, I believe these qualities of online marketing will continue to propel its exponential growth in coming years. 

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