Jobs Available Because of Covid-19

I don’t think it would be a surprise to many if I told you that Covid-19 had a detrimental impact to the job market world-wide. Not only did it shut down many start ups and small businesses, but it also made large businesses go on hold, factories had to shut down, and millions of people were either laid off or fired in order to keep the company afloat. Needless to say, it wasn’t good. If you were in one of those previously mentioned categories, you may be looking for a job. Although Covid destroyed a lot of the job market, it also in some ways promoted different areas of it. So, here are a couple different jobs that are now available because of Covid-19.

1.      Nursing and medical. 

If you’ve found yourself unable to find a job in this category, the best place to look would be at Nurse Staffing at a staffing agency. Not only do they have incredible placement almost year-round but they have actually had trouble finding enough nurses recently to fill the demand. Hospitals are being swamped and they’re constantly looking for new nurses to take care of the patients. If you have expertise in this field and are looking for work, this is a great time to start.

 Healthcare staffing in general seems to be needing more people. This could be everything from receptionist to specialist. The best part about temporary work is that if you’re only looking for something for a short time, you can make your own schedule and help until the pandemic dies down. Then, if you feel it necessary, you could step down from your position once again and return to the life you knew before the pandemic struck. The medical field however is in need of help right now.

2.     Get a temporary delivery job.

 With so many people ordering things online now from their homes and Christmas just around the corner, shipping companies such as UPS and Amazon are constantly looking for more workers to fill their demand. This can range from packers, order takers, call centers, and drivers. There are a lot of jobs that are opening up for the Christmas season as well. Amazon for instance is looking to hire more people for the night shift to help pack and prep packages for earlier arrival. 

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Then, these packages need to be processed before they can be delivered. Many of these companies are already backlogged because of the previous orders coming from Covid-19 residents staying at home, but with the gift giving season right around the corner, packages and orders increase exponentially and their system is seeming to get bottle necked. This is another job that could either be done temporarily or indefinitely. If you’re looking for work just until Christmas, this might be a good option for you. If you’re looking to build a career, contact one of these companies and set up an interview. If you perform exceptionally, they will want to keep you on their team.

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