Jetsetvets Private Jet Veterinary Service by Cindy Bressler

Famous New York City-based vet Cindy Bressler is offering much more than her expertise as a veterinarian. She has been treating celebrity pets for a long time and she is very familiar with their needs, as well as with the needs of their owners. Consequently, in the summer of 2012 she initiated an excellent concierge service for pets.

This includes the JetSetVets initiative, which is actually a high-end private jet veterinary service that allows pet owners to travel together with their beloved animals and receive excellent medical assistance during flights. This service is possible thanks to a new collaboration with Blue Jet Stars, a company that is already famous for offering impeccable travel services to an elite clientele.

The service also includes professional assistance with preparation of the pet’s travel papers, and an excellent transition to top veterinary hospitals around the world. This ensures a flawless travel experience for both the pet and the owner. Furthermore, a part of all proceeds will go towards animal charity programs, so you will be doing other animals a favor as well.