Jet Blue Introduces World’s First In-Flight Private Suite

The New York airline is famous for its innovative spirit and its exquisite services at affordable prices. Staying true to its values, JetBlue has announced its plans to introduce a new fully customized lie-flat seat for its most popular transcontinental routes. Improved amenities, comfort and service will all be available next year “with an intense focus on offering the best possible product for the best possible price”.

The lie-flat seat concept was developed together with Northern Ireland-based Thompson Aero Seating and it will be introduced on new Airbus A321 aircraft sometime in the second quarter of 2014. Because clients have been asking for extra premium options for the transcontinental flights, JetBlue has decided to do that for the most popular nonstop routes in the States: New York to San Francisco and New York to Los Angeles.

This will offer travelers the possibility to choose completely separate single suite seats, which afford total comfort and privacy. This even includes the possibility to close the door and enjoy the flight in peaceful isolation. As the first airline to offer this service, JetBlue is one again the leader of innovation on the market.

Other amenities that you will be able to enjoy starting next year are massage functions, adjustable air cushions, a “wake-me-for-service” indicator for when you decide to snooze off, new top-notch entertainment system, and satellite-based Wi-Fiat surprisingly high speeds.