Jeep to Produce 250,000 Jeep Cherokees per Year

Despite some rumors saying that Jeep would move to China, the famous American brand is actually planning on increasing production in the States. Apparently the company’s Toledo North Assembly plant in Ohio will considerably increase its manufacturing capacity in order to meet a new goal: 250,000 Cherokees per year!

The midsize UV has lots of fans in the US, but the cars that will be produced here every year will actually be sold abroad as well. This is excellent news for the model’s fans (even though the new design has put off quite a few enthusiasts), but also for approximately 1,105 unemployed people who would be interested in workingat the production plant.

The pan is definitely ambitious, and we have to say it’s exactly the kind of plan that we love. In case you didn’t know, 250,000 units are more than all Jeep Libertys soldhere over the last three years – combined.

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