JCB Tradesman Is the World’s First Floating Mobile Phone

Ever had the misfortune of dropping your phone into the water? Yes, that’s a nasty thing to happen to your all-new top notch mobile. But time has come for technology to bring to us a solution. Here you have the world’s first not only water proof, but also floating mobile phone.

The new JCB Tradesman is all this and more. Now, the chances of your phone to be buried under tons of rubble or to be dragged behind a car at 120 mph are relatively small, we’d say. But it’s comforting to know that this particular phone could survive all these scenarios.

The news concerns mainly those people who have to, or like to lead outdoor activities almost on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean that ‘office people’ shouldn’t care about the launch of the Tradesman. Every person should have a little fun biking, motoring, swimming, fishing or mountain climbing every once in a while. None of these sports would be a safe activity for a classy smartphone. But the Tradesman is always ready for a little adrenalin!

JCB Tradesman Is the World’s First Floating Mobile Phone

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