Jay Z Got a Private Jet on His First Father’s Day

Gifts between Jay Z and Beyoncé are never trivial. Whether it’s a $2 million Bugatti for him, a $350,000 Christmas shopping spree at Hermes for her, or gold, diamond and crystal gifts for their baby girl, everything that they buy for one another is way beyond the ordinary.

Beyoncé’s last two acquisitions were both extravagant symbols of love and gratitude. A few months ago she gifted her husband with a £300,000 (approx $470,000) blue sapphire ring, as a thank you gesture for his constant support during her pregnancy. Now, as the new father celebrated his first Father’s Day, Beyoncé decided to purchase something a little more spectacular. She went for a $40 million private jet specially customized for Jay Z and needless to say, finding such gift for Father’s Day is not for everyone..

The famous rapper got a new Bombardier Challenger 850 luxury aircraft that can transport 15 people in lavish conditions. It flaunts a living room, a bedroom, two full baths, and a kitchen, just like a real home. This customized flying residence was $8 million more expensive than an ordinary Challenger 850, due to all the customizations that it received. Beyoncé really doesn’t seem to care about money when it comes to showing her love towards her perfect family.

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