The Interlace Is a Fabulous Housing Complex In Singapore

If you were planning to move to Singapore but you couldn’t decide in which area to settle down, then you should probably consider getting an apartment within this fantastic residential complex called The Interlace. The complex was designed in 2008 and was finished in 2014, and it features no less than 1,040 apartments with enough room for 2,000 people.

What makes this particular complex special is that it is comprised of 31 intertwined apartment buildings that are stacked onto each other in a seemingly random pattern. The spaces that are left between the buildings feature parks, gardens and sports facilities that allow the residents to enjoy an active, relaxing and carefree lifestyle.

The Interlace was created by OMA and Ole Scheeren, and even though it was completed only recently, it was already honored with the CTBUH Urban Habitat Award. This definitely looks like a good place to put down roots, don’t you agree?





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