Insólito Boutique Hotel in Búzios, Brazil

Insólito Boutique Hotel is a luxurious retreat situated near the Ferradura Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Búzios, Brazil. It boasts a “sustainable integration with nature” and plenty of high-end amenities to lure the wealthy. Thematic rooms, decorated with works of Brazilian artists are lushly appointed to give the very best in terms of comfort and luxury.

Each room welcomes its guests with a warm and sophisticated ambiance, completed with books on photography, art, music, architecture, fashion, nature, history, and black culture (African immigrants’ history in Brazil is beautifully represented at Insólito, Búzios). The decorations were made by the owner of the place herself – French businesswoman, Emanuelle Meeus de Clermont-Tonnerre – who has a passion for the ever fascinating Brazil.

The hotel offers great unwinding opportunities, including professional spa treatments and many different leisure activities like sailing, fishing or water skiing. The food here is just delicious, as boasts a unique Franco-Brazilian fusion of flavors, developed by the resort’s chef. Insólito is wonderful in every respect.Insólito Boutique Hotel in Búzios, Brazil 1



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