Innovative Deep Space Tourbillon by Vianney Halter

For fans of unconventional watch design, Vianney Halter has launched a new and totally outstanding luxury watch, called the Deep Space Tourbillon. Just as the name suggests, the timepiece was developed as a tribute to humankind’s adventures into outer space. Inspired by man’s courageous explorations into the vast unknown that is the Universe, the makers of this amazing watch went into never-before-explored territories in terms of watch manufacturing.

Powered by an in-house VH 133 movement with 55 hours of power reserve, the timepiece brings together innovation and style. The element that draws all the attention is the centrally positioned triple axis tourbillon, visible through a domed sapphire crystal. With the tourbillon at the center, there was no more room for a classic placement of the hands, so a new and very ingenious method of displaying time was devised: two curved blue steel indicators were set at the periphery of the dial. It is not too much to say that the titanium case holds micro-engineering poetry inside.

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