Incredibly Rare Original Star Wars Movie Posters for Auction

July 25 and 26 will be two very exciting days for diehard fans of the Star Wars movie! Over 50 incredibly rare posters from the original trilogy will be offered by Heritage Auctions at the upcoming Vintage Movie Posters Signature Auction. Interested bidders will have the opportunity to see (and buy) almost all poster styles for the three films, plus others used in different countries of the world, including Germany, UK, France, Poland, Russia and Japan.

The original posters for the trilogy include a rare nylon banner produced for the film’s initial release, the rare Howard Chaykin promotional poster with the artist’s autograph, and a poster created for the Star Wars concert series flaunting artwork by John Alvin and signed by George Lucas himself.

These, of course, are just a small part of the upcoming auction, where over 1,300 lots will be presented, including some of the rarest and most coveted vintage movie posters ever. According to Grey Smith, the Heritage Auctions director of movie posters, “this is a one-in-a-lifetime selection”, with “many other rare posters from Western, science fiction, film noir, musicals, James Bond and almost every other genre” being included in the auction.

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