Incredibly awkward delicacies

Just how much would you do for opulence’s sake? Maybe you’d buy all the things you don’t necessarily need, go on expensive cruises, and probably taste rare, expensive delicacies. But would you taste them all?…

Here are some of the most awkward dishes you can find around the world. We wish we could see your faces when you read about them!

1. Scorpions, China

Who would you sooner feed scorpions to? Your best friend or your enemy? Well, the truth is, it doesn’t even matter, because the poison inside them becomes totally neutralized once they “take a bath” in the boiling oil. The sadistic part is that they get thrown in there while still alive.

2. Tarantula, Cambodia

Hate it when you find a hair in your food? Well what if your food is actually fully covered in hair? And has eight legs… People in Cambodia feel no disgust when eating the whole-fried tarantulas. So why do we?

3. Criadillas, Spain

Criadillas Spain

Good looking and most probably quite tasty. If nobody told you what it was, you might actually enjoy the dish. But what if you knew you have a nice plate of fried bull’s testicles in front of you? Would you have what it takes to eat it? Many do!

4. Hákarl, Iceland

Hákarl Iceland

Sharks are bad! People are worse! Here’s our argument: sharks eat you fast, and only because they are hungry; people take time in making their food as disgusting as possible. Hákarl is the name given to the shark meat which after fermentation is hung up for 4 to 5 months. What hungry being waits that long before eating its pray?

5. Bat Paste, Thailand

Bat Paste Thailand

Why do people find so much pleasure in boiling their food alive? In order to cook this dish – a bat paste – you have to throw the animal alive into boiling milk. Did you ever have the chance to hear a bat scream? It’s heart braking! Don’t feel alone if you find this to cruel and you can’t imagine eating it. Just join our club.

6. Seal Flipper Pie, Canada

Seal Flipper Pie Canada

– Yummy, pie! Meat pie? Ok, but it tastes like beef…and fish.

– Well of course it does! It’s seal flipper pie.

– Mom, do I have to finish my lunch?…

7. Balut, Philippines

Balut Phillipines

You’ve never pictured yourself as a vegetarian? Maybe you will after hearing how Asians eat their chicken. The eggs are fertilized and when the embryo is grown to a proper size, boiling water awaits it! It – the egg, or it – the chick? Oh, and we didn’t mention the fact that this snack is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

8. Yak’s Penis, China

Yaks Penis China

“Dragon in the Flame of Desire” is the name of this Chinese delicacy. Oh, but how the flames have burnt its….desire! We know for sure that many of you would never eat this if it were the last food in the world. We too would rather spend the money on a huge exotic fruit salad.

9. Casu Marzu, Italy

Casu Marzu Italy

Moldy cheese…do you find it appetizing or disgusting? Well, many of us kind of got used to the idea that mold is considered to transform cheese into a delicacy. Now try to get used to this: the Casu Marzu cheese from Italy. Take a piece of Pecorino cheese, let flies lay their eggs inside and wait for the maggots to decompose the cheese and its fat. You might want to wear special glasses while eating the cheese…the maggots can jump up to 6 inches high!

10. Century Egg, China

Century Egg China

“Let’s not have dinner at a restaurant. I’ll cook something special. The recipe sais: take an egg, make a mixture of rice hulls, ash, salt, lime and clay, and put the egg in the mixture. Hold it there for several months, and when you smell sulfur and see that the yolk turned green, serve the delicacy!”

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