Incredible QT Falls Creek Resort in Australia

When we think about Australia, most of us envision barren deserts, snakes and kangaroos, but this vast continent also boasts some of the tallest and most beautiful forests and mountains the world, including the ones near Falls Creek, which can be found 74 miles south of Albury in Victoria.

This place represents a highly important tourist destination for many hiking and skiing enthusiasts, and if you are thinking about going there yourself in the foreseeable future, then you might be interested in learninga bit about one of the most extraordinary resorts in the area – the QT Falls Creek Resort. This luxury Australian ski resort is definitely the best in the area, boasting unique design characteristics and fabulous interior arrangements sketched out by a famed hotel designer named Nic Graham.

These decor elements include a stunning mix of contemporary and vintage elements that blend seamlessly with a few rustic motifs, while the color palette involves neutral shades as well as silver and smoky grays. Accommodations include a total of 63 rooms spread across luxurious apartments featuring one, two, three and even four bedrooms. These apartments boast supreme comforts and high-end amenities throughout, including hot tubs, heated floors, flat screen TVs, fireplaces and more.

Furthermore, visitors are able to savor exquisite culinary masterpieces during their stay, all thanks to a Bazaar Marketplace that offers a wide array of international meals based on seafood, rotisserie, grill stations and wood fired pizza ovens.

The QT Falls Creek Resort is a perfect place to unwind and relax after a busy day filed with excitement and fun on the ski slopes.