Incredible Monogram Jewelry Collection By Louis Vuitton

We’re all familiar with Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram print, which can be admired on the brand’s numerous bags and trunks. The print is composed of an alternating pattern that depicts a four-point star, a four-petal flower and a four-point star inside a diamond, all of which are accompanied by LV initials. For the Monogram Jewelry Collection, Louis Vuitton dismantled its monogram print and created a selection of exquisite jewelry pieces that honor each symbol individually. The collection was inspired by five themes named Idylle, Sun, Star, Fusion and Dentelle.

Idylle was created using a mix of rose gold, white gold and yellow gold, and it boasts relatively simple designs. Consequently, the pieces can be appreciated by younger and older women alike, which makes them absolutely ideal as gifts. One of the most impressive members of the Idylle family is the Monogram Idylle Ring, which costs $3,400.

For Sun, LV’s experts used a combination of white and yellow gold that remind of the star’s rays and their warmth. In order to mix thing up a bit while adding an even more elegant touch, Louis Vuitton also used mother of pearl elements for its Sun line. The Monogram Sun Ear Studs, which cost $3,950, were created using pink gold and diamonds.

Dentelle translates to lace in French, so you can probably guess the inspiration behind this particular branch of the collection. The glamorous yet simple designs include thin gold strings and diamonds that please the eye and spark the imagination. The Dentelle De Monogram ‘Y’ Necklace is definitely an eye-catcher, but its $40,000 price tag could scare many potential buyers away.
The jewelry pieces that are a part of the Star theme comprise cabochon-style mother-of-pearl features, rose gold and exquisite diamonds.

As its name suggests, Fusion combines the unique elements of the Idylle and Dentelle themes. Its pieces flaunt monogram patterns as well as gorgeous diamonds that never fail to impress. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Fusion cuff bracelet definitely deserves a closer look.

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