Incorporating Earth Tones into Your Interior Design

Numerous homeowners switch out their interior décor according to the seasons. While they don’t generally repaint the walls, they do hang season-specific window treatments, use throw pillows, and hang seasonal shower curtains in the bathrooms. Fall gives homeowners more exciting colors to use in adding warmth to rooms. Here are ideas for using earth tones for autumnal interior decorating.


Many homes are floored in hard wood of varying shades that showcase the trees’ characteristics. Others are tiled in warm earth tones, while most carpet is neutral in shade. Beige and light honey are popular flooring colors, all of which add warmth to rooms. Marble floors are often white with veins of earth tones running through them such as reds, golds, and browns.

Kitchens & Dining

Some cooks decorate their kitchens with pot holders and hand towels with autumn floral patterns and leave it at that. Others use olive greens and soft browns or warm oatmeal in place mats and napkins on the kitchen and dining room tables. Centerpieces with fall-colored flowers and greenery complete the picture.

Adding extra warmth to the kitchen is as simple as buying crockery and dishes in autumnal colors. Decorative glass filled with pickled carrots or lemons add warmth to a kitchen counter. Valances over the windows in warm colored patterns with plenty of honey brown, yellow, and orange give the room an added splash of color. Extend these window treatments into the dining room for a cozy fall feeling.

Many dining sets and breakfast nook or kitchen sets include chairs to which cushions are tied. Cooks switch out these cushions for a season-specific color scheme. Diners would benefit from the warm, calming burnt orange, golden, and deep reds of fall. Grass greens and olive greens add earth tones to the experience.

Living Room

Covering furnishings in earth tones is as simple as buying IKEA friheten slip covers in seasonal colors. Oatmeal and soft browns are popular colors for slip covers. Add throw pillows in reds, oranges, and golds for a splash of autumn color. Pottery containers holding trees and grasses contribute earth tones to the comfort of living rooms.

An additional way to add earth tones to living areas is to switch out paintings and other wall art. Wood frames on paintings containing fall colors contribute to the warmth of the rooms. Mirrors reflect these comforting shades of autumn. Switch out the shades on lamps and sconces for an elegant touch of warmth. 


Bedrooms aren’t generally seen by the public, so homeowners can go a little further with earth tone linens and accessories. Feel like olive green bed linens with golden throw pillows? How about chocolate brown shot with orange?

Bedrooms are for unwinding at the end of a long day, relaxation, and yes, sleep. A deep easy chair or a chaise longue done in shades of green, brown, and gold will help homeowners relax with a book before bed. If they don’t own these items, then providing the warmth of fall colors in area rugs and body pillows will speed them into sweet dreams.

Greet the morning sun through curtains mirroring an autumn shade in the bed linens. Plants and fresh flowers add color, scent, and texture to any room, but they’re especially soothing in a bedroom. Mirrors and wall hangings add the warmth of earth tones to this most relaxing of rooms.


Everyone has seen those bath sets that include toilet seat cover, rug at the base, and toilet tank cover. Homeowners wishing for a warmer experience can add baskets of rolled towels in deep reds, oranges, golds, and browns. Tissue box covers, hand soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and mirrored trays for holding brushes, combs, and other personal grooming items can all be purchased in wood or earth tones.

Window treatments, shower curtains, and bath rugs in golds and oatmeal shades are a warm touch to any décor. Decorative soaps, lotions, and shampoos can be bought in autumnal colors as well. Potted plants complete the earthy aura.

Blues & Grays

While autumn is all about reds, oranges, and yellows, it’s also about the deep blue of a fall sky. It’s about the gray-blue of a sunrise. It brings to mind the crisp feel of an October day. Touches of this gray-blue in each room can be represented with wall art, vases of flowers, and throw pillows.

Area rugs with many or all of these colors remind homeowners that ski-socks weather is coming. Crocheted wraps over the backs of chairs and sofas, on beds, and chairs in the bedrooms contribute to the earth tones of fall. While homeowners are preparing to pull out jackets to have them cleaned for wear, they can buy scarves, gloves, and hats in seasonal colors to accompany them.

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