Impressive Table Clock Designed by Audi

It seems that the renowned German automaker Audi is not limiting itself to designing high-end cars, but instead is lending its expertise to a number of companies that have nothing in common with the automobile industry. As a matter of fact, we’ve recently admired an Audi Leica camera, and now we’re about to present a gorgeous Audi Table Clock that is nothing short of perfection.

Measuring close to 1 foot in length, the Audi Table Clock provides a clear insight into the workings of its intricate mechanisms, which were assembled by a Munich-based watchmaker named Erwin Sattler. This high quality Erwin Sattler clock rests behind a completely transparent layer of safety glass and boasts a stunning minimalistic design as well as outstanding attention to detail. Moreover, the dial of the clock is virtually inexistent, since it was replaced by a series of markings that indicate quarter hour, half hour and full hour.

The Audi Table Clock was unveiled during the 2013 Baselworld show, where it was highly appreciated for its unique and breathtaking design. Through this remarkable creation, Audi proves to the entire world once more that its original approach to design can easily extend to various products. If you would like to own an Audi Table Clock, you can always just place and order. We hope you have deep pockets, though, as the prices for Erwin Sattler table clocks usually exceed $10,000.