Impressive Corridor Bar By BDI

The quality of a party depends on many factors, including the venue, the drinks, the staff and even the guests. Whether you’ll choose to throw your party at home or at a different location, you’ll definitely need a high quality bar stocked with some of the finest drinks. The Corridor Bar by BDI is perfectly suited for the job, especially since it was designed to hide away your drinks, glasses and serving tools.

Impressive Corridor Bar By BDI (1)

Measuring in at 41″ x 36″ x 18.5″, the Corridor Bar flaunts a micro-etched glass top that can be cleaned easily, as well as slotted wood doors that conceal compartments for liquor bottles, ice buckets, tumblers, wine and stemware. There’s also a solitary drawer included, which stores items that can be accessed easily while remaining out of sight.

Impressive Corridor Bar By BDI (2)

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