Important Questions to Ask Private Schools Before Enrolling

If you are considering a private school education for your child, there are many factors to consider. It is important to do plenty of research and visit certain schools that attract your attention. During your visits, you should create a list of questions you want answered while you are there. To help you find the right school, remember to get the answers to the following queries. 

What is their philosophy?

Any good private school will have their own vision and when you choose a school it should be one that aligns with yours. You will want to make sure it is consistent with the values and beliefs you put on education. A private school’s philosophy should guide their strategic plan. When looking at private schools in Bangkok, make sure their vision is implemented in practice. 

What type of students do they target?

You may have not realised that private schools target students based on their skills. Some schools do not have a preference while others do. When you have narrowed down your search, find out if the school encourages certain types of students to enrol in their programme. 

What is their curriculum?

This is something you should ask every school as it is important to know what curriculum they follow. You can learn a lot about the private school on their website and if you have any further questions, remember to have them answered during the school visit. 

How big are the classes?

In private schools, the student/teacher ratio is generally lower as you are attending a more prestigious school. The class size can really affect your child’s education, so make sure you know how many will be in each class to ensure personalised attention. Remember to also ask about teaching assistants and the role they play in the classroom. 

How much are the school fees?

As a parent, you will want to know exactly what you are paying for. In some schools, you have to pay extra for field trips, food, uniforms, extracurricular activities, etc., so find out what a yearly tuition includes. Private schools vary dramatically in price. 

This article has highlighted just a small sample of useful questions to ask the school when you are assessing their services. There are plenty of other questions to ask to help you make a more informed decision. If you cannot get the information you need from their website, get the answers on each school visit.

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