Imaginative Ping Pong Table Designs by Mikosek and Kuklik

Ping Pong tables are easy to recognize due to their simple classic design that has been around for maybe way too long. Thankfully, artists and designers always have a problem with established design concepts, and can’t really resist the temptation to alter them. So here is what they can come up with when looking at the classic design of Ping Pong tables.

Responsible for these outstanding concepts are Stepan Kuklik and Petr Mikosek, two Czech designers who are never afraid to experiment with unexpected combinations of colors, materials and volumes. This line of tables is called the M48 series and it includes various textures and shapes that can complement different types of interior spaces.

Some models are compact and even foldable, which makes them ideal for small flats and even offices. But the thing that all these designs have in common is excellent aesthetics based on the game’s fundamental rules. Let your imagination be free and turn your games room into a really fun place to be.