Ideazon Shares: The Top 5 Hottest Crowdfund Marketing Trends Right Now

Ideazon Shares: The Top 5 Hottest Crowdfund Marketing Trends Right Now

Ideazon’s team of professionals has been front and center in the crowdfund marketing industry since crowdfunding’s inception.  The company partners with entrepreneurs looking to launch crowdfunding campaigns. Using their marketing expertise, Ideazon helps bring these ideas to life.  The team has a keen understanding of what is required to make a crowdfunding campaign stand out from the competition. Below they shared with us five marketing trends that they utilize when helping clients with their crowdfund marketing strategy.

5 Hottest Crowdfund Marketing Trends

  1. Video Sells

The use of video for social media advertising is tremendously important.  This is largely because video is among the most profitable and versatile digital marketing tools currently available.  Videos have the potential of making serious money. Adding a video of a product on your landing page could boost conversion by 80 percent.  Additionally, video could also directly lead to sales of your product on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms.

  1. Build Your Audience Before Launching

Crowdfunding has more to do with building an audience than selling a product.  Typically, dreams involve other individuals. Before investing a lot of time into your venture, thinking about your target audience is extremely essential.  Regardless of the service or product you want to sell, your campaign success will heavily rely on your ability to influence the minds of the audience you are targeting.

After determining your target audience, the next step is to immediately start building a community.  The farther you are away from your campaign launch, the better. Consumers prefer to back a product that is popular and supported by other individuals.  Start with friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances to build a firm foundation for your target community. If your initial fan base shares your product on their social media platforms, this could open doors for you.

  1. Create a Blog for Your Project

Content is vital to achieving success with your crowdfunding marketing efforts.  Your content should be crafted to the interests, voice, and questions of your audience.  Among the best ways of creating high-quality, effective content to boost your crowdfunding efforts is writing an engaging blog.  This can help you to provide updates on how your project is progressing.  Most individuals like to see the progression of something in which they are invested.

  1. Be a Real, Authentic Person

Consumers are attracted to real individuals, who are facing real problems.  By being authentic, you will, most likely, be able to attract more individuals to your campaign and have a good chance of converting this traffic into sales.

  1. Don’t Forget PR

With the rapid evolution of technology, a new geek gadget or tech product is always on the horizon promising to be cooler, better, and faster than the next.  As such, forcing a journalist to bite on your pitch or write about your client is impossible. Allowing it to organically occur will yield a much better article, forge a stronger bond with the journalist and eventually keep the client happy.  Having a genuine article published is much better than having a story written that the journalist did not really want to do or does not feel passionate about because this will reflect in the writing.

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