Icona Vulcano Supercar Unveiled at Shanghai Motor Show

Here is a new supercar that we instantly fell in love with. Unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, the all new Icona Vulcano is an Italian stunner that made a huge impression at the Chinese auto event. With a very sleek, curvy and sultry look, the car does remind us of other giants in the niche, but it still has its very own personality and a few completely original design cues.

The release being fresh, information is still scarce and rumors roam freely on the internet. Apparently this baby might very well be a one-off creation, but then this would not explain the talk about its various powertrain options. They say that the Vulcano should be available with gasoline or hybrid powertrain, and it could have either a two-wheel-drive configuration or an all-wheel-drive one.

It could put out 870 HP or 950 HP, and it should weigh 3,597 pounds or 3,509 pounds. While the top speed is 217 mph, the 0-60 mph is either 2.9 seconds or 3.0 seconds. It is said to have a quite futuristic design for the digital dashboard, a horsepower meter, and a rev counter that can go up to 10,000. The gearbox is expected to be a seven-speed one. And the price? Well, apparently interested customers should have at least $2 million to spare for this super toy.


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