Ice Candles for Christmas

There can be no Christmas without some candles to warm up the atmosphere. Colorful, cinnamon-scented or funny shaped, candles are must-haves for the cold season.

Today we bring to you something never seen before: the ice candles designed by Mathew Jackson. Probably the best thing about these candles is the fact that they are reusable and every time you make yourself another candle, its shape and melting time is different.Ice Candles for ChristmasThe Thaw candles have a steel receptacle which gathers the melted water of the ice. After your candle is completely thawed, you can put the steel collar in the freezer for eight hours, and you will have a brand new candle to burn again. Clever, huh?Ice Candles for ChristmasIce Candles for ChristmasIce Candles for Christmas

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