Hyetis Crossbow Smart Watch Concept

There is actually no established category for this super-innovative timepiece from Hyetis. The Swiss brand has started with creating the product, and later on someone will probably invent the appropriate terms to label it.

Hyetis Crossbow is a smart watch designed to tell time, take pictures and communicate with your favorite mobile device. Still only in concept stage, it has a cool unconventional design and it is said to be compatible with Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS. Advanced built-in technologies allow it to connect to various gadgets via Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth.

The 41-megapixel is definitely something we like, even though the overall appearance gets a little bulky because of it. We also really like the idea of a watch with biometric sensors that can monitor our vital signs, as well as that of an integrated microphone, thermometer and altimeter. We can’t wait to learn more as the project advances.