HP Sport Sub 2 Luxury Submersible By U-Boat Worx

If you have $1.35 million to splash on a luxury submersible, then you’ll definitely want to find out more about the latest watercraft created by a Dutch company named U-Boat Worx. The HP Sport Sub 2 is the successor of the Super Yacht Sub 3, and it even features similar measurements. It is 9.3 feet long, 7.7 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall. It can therefore be towed using a regular sedan, or it can be stored on board any superyacht that measures 98 feet or more.

The hull of the HP Sport Sub 2 was created using a new acrylic-steel material that guarantees utmost resistance to the enormous pressures found under the waves. The submersible can dive at a maximum depth of 330 feet and has a range of 6 hours. It weighs 4,850 pounds and is powered horizontally by a pair of 2.7 kW brushless electric thrusters, while its vertical movements rely on four 2.7 kW thrusters. With a top speed of 3 knots on the surface and 2 knots underwater, this is not exactly the quickest submersible out there, but its performance can be improved by swapping the horizontal thrusters for a pair of 5.5 kW units. In this case, the HP Sport Sub 2 would reach a speed of 5 knots on the surface of the waves and 3 knots below them.

The $1.35 million price tag that we mentioned before also includes DNV-GL certification, a training course and a battery charger.







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