How You Can Get The Million-Dollar Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Most people dream of having a smile that could be published in a magazine. The truth is that there are a number of people that could have incredible smiles but do not put the work in. A great smile is going to take daily maintenance and possibly professional help. There are so many factors that impact the health of your smile that you have to manage. This proactive approach can help fight plaque which gives the teeth that yellow appearance. The following are tips to help you get that million-dollar smile you have always wanted. 


Brushing is the most basic way to brighten your smile but make sure you are using fluoride-based toothpaste. This can help fight plaque and give you a clean feeling in your mouth for the entire day. The issue with brushing that many people encounter is that of not brushing for a long enough duration. There are even toothbrushes that help the person brushing target areas that have high levels of plaque. An extra minute added in the morning and in the evening when brushing can make a huge difference. 

Whitening Strips

You might have staining on your teeth due to drinking excessive amounts of coffee or soda. There are options like that of whitening strips that can help give you a bright smile. Make sure that the strips you are using are safe for the enamel on your teeth. The importance of following instructions of the whitening strips cannot be understated. Take the time to research the different whitening strips on the market as they vary in quality. 

Regular Visits to the Dentist 

Going to the dentist at least twice a year to have your teeth checked on and a cleaning done is essential. Seeing a dentist in Cary or Raleigh can allow you to avoid problems that compound like that of cavities. Make sure that the dentist you are going to takes all of the precautions necessary in the age of the Coronavirus pandemic. This can include waiting in your car instead of a waiting room and minimal contact between staff. These changes might be tough to adjust to but they are for everyone’s protection. Find a quality dentist in your local area for the entire family to ensure dental health. 

Flossing and Mouthwash

Flossing should be done regularly and it could be argued that this is as important as brushing. Take the time to floss at night after a long day to ensure that there is no food stuck in your teeth. Mouthwash is another tool that you can use to fight plaque and various gum diseases. Finding a mouthwash that is not too harsh is important as some alcohol-based mouthwashes burn too much. If you already feel like you spend enough time brushing, make an effort to floss and use mouthwash daily. 

Getting the smile that you want is going to take hard work and a focus on your dental hygiene routine. Take the time to write out how you can be improving the brightness of your smile today.

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