How to Wear Silicone Bracelets to Fit Your Style

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Over 15 years ago, the silicone wristband trend came to be. These wristbands were first used as a way to promote brands and causes, the most popular of which being the LIVESTRONG fundraising. However, the trend and use of these bands didn’t stop there. They eventually became a fashion item that one would wear daily. Thanks to the availability of different colors, it was easy to find silicone bracelets that matched one’s style and outfit.

Since then, silicone bands have come a long way. There are now more fashionable designs to choose from, so you’re not stuck with the flat, debossed bands. This makes for more flexible styling. Here are some ways to wear silicone bracelets to suit your style and experiment with different looks.

1. Keep It Monotone

As much as possible, stick to one color. Neutral bracelets match any outfit or clothing color. However, if you want your bracelet bright, pick one that matches a color from your outfit. Furthermore, if you’re stacking them up, it’s best to keep it monotone. Choose colors from the same palette or shade.

Alternatively, you can stack a bright-colored band with neutrals, such as a white, black, or gray band. For instance, yellow silicone bracelets would look great with a black or white band.

2. Add a Charm or Two

You can make your silicone bands extra fashionable and chic by putting a charm – or two! Adding charms is also a great way to personalize your bracelets. You can buy charms that represent you, such as your zodiac sign, favorite animal, and initials.

If you’re adding charms to your silicone bracelet, it’s best to wear them one at a time. But if you love your bands so much you can’t wear just one, you can definitely stack them as long as you follow number 1 – keep it monotone so your bands won’t look cluttered.

3. Go Crazy With Stacking

If you have several silicone bracelets of the same kind or design, get them out of the locker; wear them all at once for everyone to see! This will work even better for bracelets of the same color. When stacked together, they will look like one thick cuff. Multiple silicone bracelets also make for a noticeable accent or statement. As such, they are great accessories to wear to a themed casual party.On the other hand, if the party theme calls for a colorful ensemble, you can definitely sport silicone bracelets of different colors!

4. Wear It With Your Watch

Some people feel uncomfortable going about without a wristwatch. Meanwhile, there are those who are not used to wearing accessories on both wrists. If you are both, no problem! You can wear a silicone bracelet with your watch. Choose a neutral or subtle-colored bracelet for work or semi-formal occasions. Meanwhile, you can opt for a brighter hue when going to a casual event or day out.

5. Connect Bands to Make One

This is a classic trend that will give you a punk or rocker look. Take at least two bands, then place one over the other. They should overlap resembling a Venn diagram. Take the right side (the one overlapping at the center) of the left bracelet, looping it to the left. Do the same with the other bracelet. The two bracelets will be linked together, leaving a hole where you can fit your hand through. You can add bracelets by twos, as long as you can still fold them to make a loop.

There’s no right or wrong way to wear these trendy and durable accessories. However, you need to consider the mood and theme of the occasion or environment to make sure you won’t look odd wearing them. Ultimately, the best way to make silicone bracelets suit you is to understand your own unique style.

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